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How to use our address on your website!


One of the reasons many customers purchase a virtual address is to keep their own address ‘off’ websites and stationery. You can only use our address on your website if you have purchased the correct service from us. This page details which of our address services allow you to use our address on your website.

It is important for businesses that they add an address to websites. It provides peace of mind to customers and for limited companies it is legally required.

Registered Office Service

  • Legal address for UK companies

Which of our services allow you to use our address on your website?

Registered Address
Limited companies and LLP’s are legally required to display their registered address on their business websites. If you have only purchased a registered address from us you should include our address but not promote the address as your main contact address. We recommend you display a second alternate correspondence address if you do not have a full virtual address service with us. Using the correct wording, and suitable placement of the address on your website, should be sufficient to stop any mail being sent to the wrong address. If your website visitors regularly send mail to the registered address then you will need to consider upgrading to one of our virtual address services as we will reject non-government mail if you have only purchased a registered address service from us.

Virtual address
As this service covers all general business letters you can use our address on your website as if it were your own address. We strongly recommend you display the address including your company name or people may write to you at the virtual address with no company name. This makes it difficult for us to identify who the mail belongs to. You are cannot use our virtual address for goods or parcels to be forwarded though, it is only for letter type post. Please do not use the address as a returns address for items you sell as we will reject packages we believe contain goods. If you do need to accept returns, we recommend you review our useful tips on how to implement a returns policy.

Do you have trading styles?

If you trade under a different name on your website, to the one registered with us on your mail forwarding service, then you need to let us know. Otherwise we will not recognise your incoming mail. This may incur additional charges or the setting up of a second annual service for the new name. It depends on how you present the name and whether it is a trading style or a separate entity.

Do you need advice on virtual address services?

We are are happy to discuss which of our address services would be most suitable for your business. One of the team will explain how you can use our address on your website.

Use a virtual address to keep your own address private!