Operating Two Companies and VAT Registration

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Many business owners register and operate more than one limited company. This can be for several reasons including company name protection, establishing a group of companies, managing different business activities etc. One reason you should not form a second company is to evade tax or to artificially separate business activities to avoid registering for VAT. [...]

Juggling too many Tasks? – Try Outsourcing your Jobs!

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Within a few weeks of starting a business, you are likely to face many new challenges. There are responsibilities you may not have considered or may have planned to deal with at a later date. Before long these jobs have to be tackled and trying to complete them yourself may be a false economy in [...]

Are Fees for your Accountants services Tax Deductible?

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Accountants provide advice on a wide range of subjects and help to prepare company accounts and financial statements. HMRC allow your company to claim a tax deduction for some of the fees that your accountant will charge. Your accountant may have helped you to set up your company, you may have received advice on the [...]