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Sail Address – What Is A Single Alternative Inspection Location?

It is a legal requirement for UK companies to make their company registers available for public inspection and for the address to be displayed on Companies House. The SAIL address is a Single Alternative Inspection Location and can be provided to Companies House as the location a UK limited company or LLP stores their company records. The SAIL address [...]

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What Is a Company Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) Number?

When starting your own business there are many different numbers and codes your company will acquire and it can be difficult to remember which codes are used for different services. One of the most important numbers your company will receive is the Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR). This code is issued by HMRC and consists of 10 digits. The code [...]

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Emergency or Disaster Recovery Planning

Have you considered how your business would cope in the event of unforeseen circumstances? Many business put very little thought into disaster planning believing that it won’t happen to them. Major weather occurrences or accidents could leave your business completely unable to trade. Imagine running your business with no power, phone service, internet, access to bank accounts, unusable vehicles, or [...]

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What is an Accounting Reference Date?

The accounting reference date is an important deadline that all Limited companies must be aware of. Knowing your accounting reference date will prevent your company from incurring financial penalties issued by Companies House. What is an accounting reference date? This is the end of the financial year for a Limited company and the dates their accounts must cover. The [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Office

Operating a business can be a lot easier when you use a virtual office service. It removes many of the worries that startups and small business have about using their own address. We talk to many business owners before and after they have formed a company and they tell us why a virtual office service is so important to [...]

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What is an SIC code?

At the time of incorporation a Limited company must inform Companies House of their intended business activities. This information is communicated to the government by selecting a Standard Industrial Classification code which is often referred to as an SIC code. All companies are legally required to provide this information even if they do not intend to begin trading immediately. There are [...]

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