When starting a business, it’s not always possible to move straight into the perfect property or even any property. If you’re a consultant or a mail-order company, for example, the outlay of lease or buying offices or warehousing would outweigh the benefits. This will put pressure on your finances before you’ve even started. Using a virtual address removes the problem of separating your home life from your business.

Virtual Registered Office Address

In the UK, limited companies must have a registered office but the law does not dictate where the office must be or even if you must be trading from there. It is common practice for companies to use an alternative address to their trading one for many reasons. It is common for large groups of companies to register at one head office but trade from separate locations. Smaller businesses often choose to use a virtual office address for this. Using this method allows them to be contactable by both Companies House and HMRC and keeps their personal details private. A  service provider will receive mail from these two government agencies and forward them on within 24 hours of receipt.  Typically the process is complete within 8 hours.

When registering a new company the location of your registered office will ultimately determine where which country your company is registered in. The business must then maintain an official registered office in that country during its existence. For example, a Scottish company will always be registered in Scotland and cannot use an English address for official correspondence.

Virtual Mailing Address

A virtual office address service can be used for other purposes as well. Depending on your company model and industry, you may receive some trade mail. This can be whether it is from customers, suppliers or your bank. Not all companies rely on the postal service now, often conducting the majority of business online or over the phone. But for those that still use more traditional forms of communication, a mail forwarding service gives you an alternative to receiving post at home or your place of work. A reputable service provider should forward all post on receipt to a pre-agreed address. It is also possible to forward mail to overseas addresses for a small additional fee. This truly frees you up to trade from wherever you choose.

Virtual Office addresses aren’t just for limited companies. A number of sole traders and partnerships find our service to be of great use to them. They wouldn’t need a registered office address but may prefer to receive trade mail separately to their personal items. Individuals who move around a lot with work or have a lifestyle that means they do not have a permanent residence can also take advantage of our addresses, often providing a family member’s details as the forwarding address.

Whether operating a company, partnership or sole trader business a post forwarding service may be a cost-effective resolution to your mail problems. If you operate a home business, regularly move premises, or need an effective address that is manned during the working day a virtual office may be the long-term solution for your organisation.