Using a mail forwarding service to receive your personal mail provides you with flexibility. We have many individuals, couples, and families that use our mail address for their personal correspondence.  Using our address enables people to move from accommodation frequently, travel aboard for periods of time and in some cases spend a considerable amount of time every year working away on business. One fixed address simplifies life considerably when you move as you are not constantly updating your contact details.

We have different service and address options available to receive your items of mail and forward to your preferred location with fees starting from £100 per year. Choose from one of our three office locations and your preferred level of service to meet your requirements. Simply enter your FULL NAME in the business name. This will tell us which name we should expect the mail to arrive under.

Fixed Price Service

Simply choose how many letters you want included within your service.

Start Up - 30 Items

£100a year
  • Forwarding up to 30 letters
  • No additional postage fees
  • Use the Address Immediately

We will forward up to 30 letters in a year.

Growing Business - 60 Items

£15000a year
  • Forwarding up to 60 letters
  • No additional postage fees
  • Begin using our address today

This package includes up to 60 letters in a year.

Busy Business - 100 Items

£20000a year
  • Forwarding up to 100 letters
  • No additional postage fees
  • Order and use the address today

WOW – You can receive up to 100 letters each year.

For clients who are expecting higher volumes of mail, we can provide our flexible virtual office address service.

Flexible Virtual Address

This service is not limited tot he number of items we will forward. Instead, it consists of one annual charge and a mail deposit.

  1. There is an annual fixed fee which is not dependent on the quantity of mail we handle for your business.
  2. The second fee is a deposit. All mail that we forward to you from our address will need new postage adding to the envelope. We deduct the postage at cost from your deposit (we use a franking machine for the lowest rates). In addition to this when we forward mail during a working week a single administration fee of £1 is deducted from the deposit each week mail is forwarded. If no mail is received or forwarded, nothing is deducted from your deposit.

Annual Fee + Deposit

  • Deposit Top Ups Required

You can order online in just a few minutes and start using our address as yours. When your mail starts to arrive at our office it will be sorted and forwarded to your physical location. We can provide personal mail forwarding services from our Coventry, London and Edinburgh offices.