Companies House public register holds a wealth of information for all UK registered companies. Some of the information they are required to publish on the public register includes details of company directors, LLP members, secretaries, shareholders and Persons of Significant Control (PSC). Individuals appointed as an officer of a company or LLP are required to provide their home address for the private records held at Companies House and they can also provide a ‘service’ or ‘correspondence’ address.  In addition to address details a person’s month and year of birth may also be published. At present Companies House suppress the day for data protection.

What happens if your personal address has been entered in error?

The 2006 Companies Act regulations do not require a company officer to enter their home address as the service address, you can use a virtual office or business address in this section. If your home address is entered in error as the service address the first thing to consider is will having your personal address on the public register cause a serious risk to you as an individual. If the answer to this is yes then you will need to contact Companies House to request your details are suppressed from the public register. This can be done by filing form SR01 detailing each document which displays your home address. Companies House charge a fee of £32 for each document you list on the SR01 form.

It is important to remember Companies House will only allow the suppression of data under certain circumstances. Some of the examples they provide are if a director, LLP member or PSC are:

  • targeted by activists
  • licensed under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986
  • active in the defence industry

Companies House can request evidence is submitted along with the application to clarify the need for your details to be suppressed from the register.

If the data suppression application is rejected you can appeal to the high court to reconsider the application. Alternatively, you can update the current designated address and this will remove the details from the current appointment, however there will always be a historical record of the old address in the company filing history. If you would like to update your current registered office address or correspondence address we can provide a registered office address service. We include the use of our office as the correspondence address for appointed officers of the company with all of our registered office address options.