A virtual address allows you to focus on your business whilst we ensure your business mail is received safely at our office. Using a trusted mail service provides you with peace of mind when you leave the office.

It is common for many business owners starting a new company to be concerned about having a company registered at their home address or worry about missing deliveries. New businesses often consist of just one or two people and keeping the office open during normal working hours can be difficult when you have customers to meet, deliveries to be made or other important business meetings to attend.

Using our virtual office address is the perfect solution for small businesses. We provide two mail services that may be required by your business or company to keep your address private.

Registered Office Service

The registered office service allows you to use our address for your registered company or LLP. This service specifically relates to business that are ‘registered’ at Companies House. The service ensures the government mail that HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House send will be forwarded to your personal address.

For a limited company, the registered office service ensures your home address is not displayed on the public register. Anyone searching for your company name at Companies House will see a professional business address and not your home address.

In addition, there are hundreds of websites that ‘scrape’ data from Companies House and prominently display this free of charge. Only our address will show on these websites.

Please note this service does not include the forwarding of mail that is not from HMRC and Companies House. General business mail is included under the mail forwarding service.

Registered Office

£40Starting from

Business Mail Forwarding

For small businesses requiring more than a registered office, we provide a full mail forwarding service that allows you to use our address for your general business mail. This includes mail received from your customers, suppliers, banks, and other institutions that may send letters to your company. Under this service, you can use our address as your own, safe in the knowledge that we are processing your mail and your address is kept private.

A professional virtual address provides you with peace of mind. You can go and visit your customers, meet suppliers, attend networking events or even go on holiday. You can be virtually anywhere while your virtual office handles your mail.

We are pleased to provide our virtual address to all companies, LLP’s, partnerships and sole traders businesses. Use our address as your business address and concentrate on running your company while we look after your business mail.

Mail Forwarding

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