At the time of incorporation a Limited company must inform Companies House of their intended business activities. This information is communicated to the government by selecting a Standard Industrial Classification code which is often referred to as an SIC code. All companies are legally required to provide this information even if they do not intend to begin trading immediately.

There are currently over 700 different codes available to select which consist of five numbers. The codes are categorised into 21 different trade sections such as manufacturing, education and construction. Within each trade section you will find codes for specific business activities. For example there are codes available for the Manufacture of motor vehicles (29100) and the Manufacture of sports goods (32300).

The list of SIC codes has to cover a wide range of business activities, due to this you may not find a code that matches your trading activities exactly. In this situation you should select a code which has the closest description so it is clear which services your company provides.

Your company will need to provide a minimum of one SIC code. However, it is possible for a company to select up to 4 different codes. If a company’s trading activities change or expand you can update Companies House when filing the confirmation statement. This is traditionally filed every 12 months however you can file the document early if you need to change the SIC code. If you require assistance with updating your SIC code we can provide our confirmation statement filing service and file your companies confirmation statement on your behalf.

Some of the more common codes supplied by companies include 99999 for a dormant company and 74990 for a non-trading company. If you are unable to find a specific code for your business you may wish to use a generic code such as 82990 for other business support service activities n.e.c. or 96090 for other service activities n.e.c. For a full list of SIC Codes used by Companies House please click here.