A virtual address is the perfect solution for the home based business. Many businesses start at home while others have no need for a physical office or work place. Using a virtual address for your business has several benefits that should be considered before you move forward with your home address as your business address.

Keeping your home address private

Most businesses need an address to promote in public. Customers expect to see a business address and can be wary of businesses that don’t have one! But do you want the world to know where you live? Do you want customers knocking on the door when you least expect it?

Limited companies can also use the address for directors!

Where do you need to display your business address?

The first thought for many people is their stationery. This could include letterheads, invoices, statements, quotes and maybe the business cards. However, there is so much more to consider. Will you add your home address to the following-

Websites – Contact pages, footers, legal pages, etc.

Directories – Yell, Thomson Local, Free Index etc.

Online Marketplaces – Ebay, Etsy, Amazon etc.

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Google Maps and Google Business

All of these are publicly accessible 24/7, 365 days of the year. Do you want your home address available to everyone on so many public facing platforms?

Professional address locations look better for businesses

Having a home business is quite common, but many people are put-off purchasing from what appears to be a small business or a drop shipping service. New customers are quick to look for more information before they ‘risk’ spending their money.

Checking a business’s location is becoming the norm for customers and google maps is a useful tool to see where a business is based. Whilst a quiet street in a peaceful village may be your ideal home location, it may not be seen as the best place to buy web hosting, order equipment from, buy products from etc.

It may be worth considering what your address says to your customers. Would a central business address look better?

Never miss a delivery

Working from home provides great flexibility for business owners. You can focus on your business at times to suit you and work around home life. What if you need to leave the house for a meeting, to pick up supplies or even to do the school run? Who will be at home to sign for an important envelope? A virtual office is open to postal deliveries and couriers during normal office hours, providing your with peace of mind that no letters will be missed.

Home businesses can benefit from using a virtual address service. For just a few pounds a month you get peace of mind that your address is private and get a city centre address for your business.