Whilst mailbox services have always been an invaluable solution for small businesses and sole traders alike; there has been a surge in the popularity of these services in recent years.

The recent pandemic necessitated remote working for many UK businesses. Since that point the percentage of remote and hybrid working amongst the UK workforce remains higher than pre-pandemic numbers.

Many UK companies realised the benefits of remote working and it is commonplace for many sole traders to operate from home. This raises the question as to why are you not using a mailbox service for your business when there are so many great benefits of this service.

This article will outline just some of the reasons why companies choose to use our mailbox services.


Businesses need to be contactable and the contact address of a company will usually be in the public domain. Would you trust a company that did not have a contact address on their site? Likewise, would you be happy for your home address to be associated with the company. Many companies operating from home would prefer to keep a degree of separation from their home life and their work life and a mail box service enables this.


In addition to remote working, the popularity of ‘hot desking’ has also increased. Consultants and similar may travel across the country and work on an ad-hoc basis at various ‘hot desking’ locations.

A single mailbox address affords greater flexibility for companies that operate throughout the country without the need to have multiple contact addresses. The mail received at the mailbox address can then be sorted and redirected to your home address.


Renting physical office space can be costly and quite often unnecessary for small businesses. This is without accounting for the time and costs involved with travelling to and from a physical office. Mailbox services, on the other hand, offer an affordable solution to companies that want a business address without the considerable costs associated with a physical office space.


A reliable mailbox service will ensure there is always someone available to receive your important mail. Your working day does not need to be dictated by expected delivery times for your mail.

How Can We Help?

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Our Address Locations

We know that one solution does not fit all businesses. We are pleased to offer several address locations for our customers to choose from. Choose from Coventry, London, and Edinburgh.

Coventry Office

Low Cost - Great Value - City Centre location

The Coventry Address

Union House
111 New Union Street

London Office

Central London - The Capital City

The London Address

Crown House
27 Old Gloucester Street

Edinburgh Office

Scottish Address - Capital City

The Scottish Address

Summit House
4-5 Mitchell Street
EH6 7BD.