As many of our longstanding clients are aware, during previous years we offered the Dalton House (SW19) registered office address in London. As one of the leading service providers within the virtual office sector, we are continually striving to identify and provide the highest quality services that are the best value for money for all of our valued clients.

After careful deliberation, we have recently begun to gradually initiate a transition to our established Crown House registered office address within London. This prestigious address is located within the heart of London and is offered at just £72.00 including VAT per annum making it much more cost-effective for our clients every year!

Over the next 12 months, we will be looking to transfer all of our existing Dalton House clients over to our Crown House address so that they can benefit from the fantastic services at a much lower annual fee. We cannot continue to offer the Dalton House address indefinitely.

More information about our Crown House address can be found here. 

Our team of trained specialists will of course as always be on hand to offer any support and advice to make the transition period as simple and stress-free as possible for you!