We are pleased to announce that SFS will begin moving to a new office in May 2019. The new office is called “Union House” and replaces our previous Coventry address “The Apex”. This office has been secured on a long term lease to ensure the stability of our services for both SFS and our valued clients.

We ask that anyone using the old “Apex” address update their records to our new “Union House” address as soon as possible. Any post or deliveries sent to the old address will still reach us until April 2020 but we recommend you update to Union House as soon as you can.

Clients renewing their service with at The Apex do so on the understanding they will need to transfer to Union House before April 2020 at the latest. We recommend you transfer on your renewal date if possible.

At the same time as moving to new offices we are undertaking a complete refit of the new office to further future proof the business for the benefit of our customers and staff. Until the refit of Union House has been completed we will not have meeting facilities available so any visitors should contact us to arrange a meeting at The Apex address until further notice.

Our Coventry address is –

Union House
111 New Union Street

Our phone numbers and emails will all remain the same. There will be no interruption to services.

Anyone using our London or Edinburgh office addresses are unaffected but should note our head office is Coventry and any correspondence for SFS should be sent to the Union House address as shown above.

Why did we move offices?

The current office and surrounding area is due for redevelopment. We had hoped to expand at our present location but unfortunately this is not possible. We have been advised that a new lease will not be offered by the landlord due to the redevelopment of the existing office. Therefore, we have taken action to move now to new offices in advance of the lease ending. This will allow us plenty of time to assist customers with the change of address.

Our new office is a short distance from our old address and is still located in the city centre. The new office is still within the legal district of the city and allows us to maintain strong links with the local solicitors and accountants.

How will this affect our customers?

For any customers using our ‘The Apex’ Coventry address for their business you will need to make a few changes.

Registered Office Customers
Your address details will need to be updated with Companies House and HMRC. We can assist with this if required. To change your registered office address you need to file form AD01 at Companies House. Form AD01 for companies and Form LLAD01 for Limited Liability Partnerships. Companies House will automatically inform HMRC of the change of address. You should also update the address anywhere it may be used, such as your website or company paperwork.

Mail Forwarding Virtual Office Customers
If you use our Coventry address for all of your business mail you will need to update on any relevant documents and websites.

When to act?

You can change your address to our new office from 15 April 2019. Small Firms Services will no longer offer the Apex address from this date so we recommend all customers change their address to our new address as soon as possible. We are still operating the old address and staff are still working there during the transition period. However, we cannot operate two offices indefinitely. We will cease to use the old address (The Apex) by 30 April 2020. At this point we intend to have switched all of our customers to our new address.

We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience to our clients for which we apologise. However, the move to a new office will ensure a long term commitment to our customers at the new address, safe guarding the services without further disruption for the foreseeable future. The new office will also allow us to employ more staff to ensure we maintain our high levels of customer service.