When being appointed as company director of a new or existing company it is important to know what documents you are expected to file annually. It is also helpful to know which authority you will need to submit these documents to.

If you do not file statutory documents on time to the correct authority then this can lead to large penalties needing to be paid and if taken further can lead to the Company being struck off by Companies House. Below is a list of some of the company documents which you would be expected to file.

Confirmation Statement (CS01)

The Annual Return has been replaced by the Confirmation statement, also known as form CS01 which is submitted to Companies House annually. Normally filled on the company’s anniversary this form updates Companies House with all details based on the current structure of the Company. Once this form has been filed with Companies House the public register will be updated with the latest information. This form can either be filed electronically (£13) or on Paper (£40). Where possible we always recommend you file documents electronically as any problems on the form can be identified and corrected quickly rather than items being sent continually through the post.

Annual Accounts

UK Companies are also required to file sets of accounts to both Companies House and HMRC. As the accounts filed to Companies House are placed on the public register these only need to be an abbreviated set. The Accounts required at HMRC do need to be a full set which would include a detailed Profit and Loss account and also a report provided by the directors. The Annual Accounts are free to file at both Companies House and HMRC whether this is done manually or electronically. Your company accounts should be filed within 9 months of the end of the company’s financial year.

Corporation Tax Return (CT600)

In addition to the full set of accounts HMRC will also request for companies to file the Corporation Tax Return (CT600). The CT600 confirms the profits or losses of the company and will calculate if any tax is due. The CT600 is also free to file although this is usually completed by an accountant. Accountancy charges do vary so we would recommend that you find an accountant that provides a service at a price you agree with.

Other filings

In addition to the statutory filings detailed above directors also have a duty to ensure Companies House records are correct. If there are any changes to company officers, change in registered office or any other reportable events during the life of the company the relevant form must be submitted to Companies House.