New rules were implemented on 1st October 2009 which introduced a number of changes. One significant change is to allow directors of companies in the UK to declare a service address at Companies House. This is particularly useful to those involved with sensitive and volatile organisations. However, it is also beneficial to individuals that may prefer to keep their home address private.

These rules were introduced as part of the Companies Act 2006. The new regulations state that all directors now need to declare a service address. This can be different from their residential address which is held on private records at Companies House. New directors, since the date of implementation, are required to give both home and service addresses at the time of incorporation. All existing directors will automatically have their residential address used as their service address unless they process a change of address request with Companies House. This change is free of charge, as are any other changes to personal details on the company record.

Keep your home address private

The main benefit of this new rule is that the residential address is protected information. Therefore it is not available to the public or even businesses dealing with Companies House, such as SFS. Only Companies House, government bodies and FCA regulated organisations are now able to gain access to the home address. This may provide some peace of mind to those people who may turn down a directorship rather than risk their information in the public realm. It also keeps nosey neighbours from easily checking on your company appointments.

The downside is that if you are running a limited company trading from your own address, you may not have an alternative address to provide and therefore still come unstuck under the new rules.

Use our address for your directors’ address

That’s where SFS can be of assistance. Not only is it possible to use one of our addresses for a company registered office, but it also acceptable to use this same address as a directors’ service address. The service address does not have to be a residential property; in fact, the only stipulation is that you must be contactable via that address.

Free service address when purchasing a registered office

Any customers that have purchased a registered office service from SFS can also use the address as the service address for the director(s). It is effectively a free director’s service address whilst most service providers charge for this. All we ask is that you include your company in the first line of your address. This will enable us to easily identify mail for your company when addressed to a company director.