In the UK a registered limited company must have one company director appointed at all times. It is a legal requirement to keep Companies House informed of any changes to officers.  Directors must also update the company registers to show any changes.

When forming a new company you provide the details of the first company officers. During the life of the company, there may be amendments to the company structure and directors or secretaries may change. If your company’s director or secretary details change you must-

  • File the correct forms at Companies House (online or using a paper form)
  • Update the company’s registers (statutory books)
  • Record the changes with 14 days of the event

You can find a range of Companies House forms online here.

Resigning a company director or secretary

You must inform Companies House when a company officer resigns from their position within 14 days by filing the correct document. Resigning a company director requires you to file form TM01 and to resign a company secretary you must file form TM02. Both forms can be filed online using Companies Hosue web filing service or by posting the paper version to Companies House.

Remember it is a legal requirement to have at least one person appointed as a director at all times.

Appointing a new company director or secretary.

New officer appointments must also be registered at Companies within 14 days. There are many different forms available depending on the type of officer being appointed and their position within the company. To appoint a person as a company director form AP01 must be completed alternatively if you intend to appoint a company in the role of director then form AP02. If there are changes to your company secretary and a new person is to be appointed you must complete from AP03. If you intend to appoint a company in the role of company secretary then you must file form AP04.

Changing the details of an existing company director or secretary.

If the details of an individual appointed as a company director have changed Form CH01 needs to be filed to update Companies House records. If you wish to change the details of a corporate director then you will need to complete form CH02. You can update Companies House regarding any changes to the details of a person appointed as a company secretary by filing form CH03, and changes to a corporate secretary are recorded by filing form CH04.  These forms are to advise Companies House of any change of name or address for individuals or companies appointed as an officer.

Please note you cannot use the forms to change the date of birth for an individual appointed as a director. This information should not change. Company directors who are appointed with the wrong date of birth can not amend the details using Companies House forms. This is because a persons’ date of birth does not change so they must be resigned and re-appointed.

UK companies may have one director from the day of incorporation until the day it is dissolved. For many businesses, there are changes to directors or company secretaries at regular intervals. Whenever a change is made it is important to update the public register at Companies House promptly and to amend your company registers which are normally kept at the registered office.

If you need our assistance filing documents at Companies House please contact one of our advisors. We have years of experience completing Companies House forms and are happy to help.