The decision to work from home may be a deliberate, calculated choice based on your personal circumstances. For others, it is a decision they may be forced to take.

This can be seen with the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that has changed the way many businesses operate. This is especially relevant for small office-based businesses that are discovering new ways of working from home.

Working from home can save you money and help with family commitments. Consider the cost of renting offices alone; it can save you thousands of pounds every year. Add on utility bills, furnishings and other costs and the costs really start to increase!

You may need flexibility in your working day. Fitting school runs to into your daily schedule, looking after dependents and balancing existing work commitments with a new business you are starting. All of these things make working from home an attractive solution for small businesses.

Larger businesses have been forced to rethink how they operate safely due to Covid-19. Many businesses are now asking staff to work remotely with employees communicating via email, messaging services and VOIP calls. Meetings are being held by video conferencing apps like ZOOM which offer basic, free entry level access. File sharing in the cloud is now deemed essential!

If you own a business and you choose to work from home, what do you do with your inbound post?

Using a virtual office for home-based business!

Whilst many elements of your business can be managed from virtually anywhere, your letters are a physical item. You can, of course, use your home address for your business, but many people choose not to. Adding your family’s home address to your website and stationery is not always desirable for many reasons.

This is when a virtual address can be useful. You can purchase an address service for just a few pounds each month. This keeps your home address private. You can use a virtual address for your business while you work from home. You can leave the house for meetings, shopping, picking up the kids or any number of tasks without missing a signed for delivery of post.

How does it work?

This really is quite simple. You can use our business address as your own business address. If you are a company you can provide our address to Companies House as the registered address. Update customers, the bank, associates and other business contacts with your new address. When mail arrives at our office with your business name on it, we identify this, and forward it to you at your home (or an alternative address). We can send your mail anywhere in the world, but you probably just want to receive it where you live.

Forwarding mail is what we do! Every working day, our team is accepting deliveries, sorting mail and forwarding letters to our customers. You can get on with your daily duties with peace of mind that we are acting as your office address for you.